We need high quality educational Rapid Reporting, Long Cases and Anatomy Test Packets for FRCR

Submit a test packet (Rapid Reporting/Long Cases/Anatomy) as original high resolution de-identified JPEG and DICOM images.

If you submit 1 test packet of RR/LC/AN, and it is accepted, you get 1 year free access to the premium package for that respective section (from the time of launch) or USD45 remuneration.

Your name will be displayed as a contributor.
You will need to submit a signed form stating the originality of the images.

Procedure for submission of a test packet

All JPEG and DICOM images and the diagnosis/report/questions and answer text or MS Word file should be compressed in a single ZIP file.
Upload the ZIP file to the Google drive.
Right click on the ZIP file in the Google drive and click on "Get a Sharable link".
Submit the sharable link, your full name (along with qualifications) and email address using this form:

Rapid Reporting Test Packet

1 Rapid Reporting Test Packet consists of 30 cases out of which 15-17 are abnormal and 13-15 are normal (few with anatomical variations and minor age related changes).
A single case will consist of a plain radiographic film of a single body region like lumbar spine, skull, knee or chest etc. However, there may be various projections of a body part like anteroposterior (AP) and lateral radiographic projections of the knee (usually on a single film).
The abnormality should be obvious. Cases with a single diagnosis / abnormality are preferred.
Diagnosis should be clear and short.
For further details about the requirements, please visit: https://www.medmantra.com/frcr-radiology-articles/ultimate-guide-final-frcr-2b-rapid-reporting


Long Cases Test Packet

1 Long Cases Test Packet consists of 6 long cases from different systems.
A written report for each of the six long cases is needed under following headings:
- Observations
- Interpretation
- Principal Diagnosis
- Differential Diagnosis
- Management (if appropriate)
For further details about the requirements, please check out our Free Mock Test Packet (LC) at: https://www.medmantra.com/elearning/frcr/final-frcr-2b-long-cases

Anatomy Test Packet

1 Anatomy Test Packet consists of 100 cases (images). A single structure on each image is marked by one or more arrows and there will be a single question on that structure. The majority of the questions will be 'What structure does the arrow point to?', however there will be a number of other questions such as 'What normal anatomical variant is demonstrated?' or 'At what age does the structure arrowed normally fuse during skeletal development?'.
The anatomical feature in question should be clearly marked on the image and a clear answer should be provided for each question.

Each test packet should give equal weightage to following modalities:
33% cross-sectional
33% plain radiographs
33% contrast studies

Each test packet should give equal weightage to different body parts as follows:
25% head, neck and spine
25% chest and cardiovascular
25% abdomen and pelvis
25% musculoskeletal
There should also be paediatric images and normal variants.