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MedMantra.com is operated by MedMantra.comTM, a company set up by a group of successful and visionary doctors.
We cater primarily to the professionals of Medical, Nursing,
Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Paramedical,
Allied Health, and the related fields.


Major Service Offerings are in the fields of Healthcare and Medical Microjobs, Online Healthcare Marketplace
Online Stores For Buyers and Sellers of Medical & Health Products and Services),
Online Medical Education, Telemedicine & Teleradiology,
Books and Journals Publishing,
and Research & Publication Consultation and Assistance.


At Med Mantra we have had the pleasure of serving over 2500 and counting customers
who have placed their trust in us. Since 1999 we have been a part of your lives and have
dispensed quality medical information related to all fields and diseases.


From offering online medical information to also catering to a number of information requests,
we now also offer services which cover teleradiology and telemedicine.


Not only do our services encompass a number of professional fields such as MDs, Nurses,
Pharmacy, Paramedical, Allied Health and the like but we also work towards offering
reliable published works in a multitude of fields across a number of specialties.


For just over a decade we have been a venue where great minds and professionals
have gathered to exchange information which is not only reliable but also
encompasses a number of areas.


Since our popularity has increased and the number of customers which we service
alongside it, we have also introduced an online store where you are able to get
a number of medical and health related products and services
which are guaranteed to be first off top of the line
and also at the same time offer reliable resources to your needs as well.


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