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    The advancement of science and technology, has made our world today a global village. Information can be transferred from one end of the planet to another in just seconds. Teleradiology is an evolving field of medicine that takes advantage of these technological advancements. It basically involves sending radiological information conducted on a patient’s internal organs which has been captured using medical devices, to health professionals who are in a different location from where the test was taken. This is done in order for the radiological images to be evaluated for diagnostic or treatment purposes by other qualified radiologists. It is becoming a popular choice for the health care industry owing to its ability to present patients with the services of highly trained professional radiologists whom they may not have had access to. Furthermore, since the radiological images are read by a number of medical professionals, it becomes effective in offering patients the best results considering that more expert opinions are obtained. Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an accredited 24 hour health establishment with offices in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Delhi & Aurangabad (M.S.) in India, which offers one of the most reputable teleradiology services in the country. We work only with the best board certified radiologists who have been professionally trained in some of the most renowned institutions around the world, with extensive experience stretching over a decade and have attained board certifications in the United States, Canada (FRCP-R), the United Kingdom (FRCR-R) with or without CCST/CESR, and India, amongst other countries. All the Indian radiologists in our network, possess at least a Doctor of Medicine degree, with most having additional qualifications such as the; DM, DNB (New Delhi), MNAMS (New Delhi), EDiR (Europe) & FRCR (London). Furthermore, our radiologists are dedicated to advancing a patient’s health by employing their specialty and expertise in interpreting all non-interventional radiological investigations, such as the MRI, CT Scans, 3D CT & MR Angiographies, Digital or conventional X-rays, Mammograms, Color Doppler, Nuclear Medicine Scans, 2D-Echocardiography, Ultrasound, Cardiac Color Doppler & Special Procedures like Barium & Contrast studies. Most importantly, patients are assured of the best available care, as each test result is assessed by at least 3 of our health professionals and is in line with all DICOM standards. Every patient’s information and privacy is also our priority, which is effectively handled by our very own network connections, via T1 private network lines, which has an internet VPN that is encrypted and protected by firewall. The images and other relevant clinical information are also distributed to the health personnel through an automated process that ensures seamless delivery, with no room for error.

      Just like our clientele which extends across national borders and comprises of patients, health care professionals, hospitals and research agencies amongst others, our work partnership also transcends borders, as we recruit the services of radiologists in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Singapore etc. The final report of every radiological examination under our care, is considered to be the most important and is conducted by renowned U.S. based radiologists, who also send the transcribed reports to the patient’s referring physician, therefore cutting the cost. This workflow also facilitates a quick turn-round time in service delivery for our clients, considering the time difference between the Eurasian countries and the United States, is about 8 hours on average. For instance, when our Indian radiologists sign off for the day and forward patient’s data that had been worked on, for the final transcription report through our Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS), our U.S. radiologist receives it at the same time in the morning, owing to the time difference, which places India hours ahead. Therefore, by the end of 24 hours a patient’s final results are usually almost completely ready.  Most importantly, the employment of our mastery at, becomes more imperative considering the dwindling crop of extensively trained professional radiologists, the increasing complexity of radiological evaluations and the overwhelming importance in having several expert opinions on health issues.

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Services We Offer

  • Direct Patient Service/Second Opinion Service:

      This service seeks to offer patients the opportunity to get a reassurance on a previous evaluation that had been conducted on their radiology images elsewhere. Patients interested in receiving this service from our team of professionals have to send in their DICOM images issued at the hospital where the radiology test was conducted in a zip file format. Images with a high clarity in the .jpg or .tif extensions can also be sent in, also in a zip file. If however only films are available, they can be made to be in a soft copy using a flatbed scanner or digital camera, having a resolution of at least 5 mega pixels. Images can be submitted by clicking the button below.

          All submissions should also be accompanied by essential patient information which can include their previous medical history, treatment plan they had undertaken, their gender and age, amongst others. Evaluation of all successfully submitted radiological images by our esteemed radiologists usually takes a 72 hour period (turnaround time for this service only), after which records which contain both the transcription and reports are made available. The reports issued are of international standards and can be compared to those of the same type anywhere in the world. Each service costs a nominal fee of $25 which is the cost per every examination ordered. This service also affords patients the chance of an appointment, in addition, to a telephonic conversation with one of our reading specialists, all for free.

Disclaimer: It is the patient’s responsibility to provide the best quality of images for evaluation. Therefore, Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. will not be held liable for any error in interpreted results issued by our radiologists due to any flaw(s) by the patient in the quality of original image they provided.

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  • Full-Time Service:

      This service specifically caters to patients who require a subsidized world class radiological interpretation of their medical images. It is a 24 hour service available 7 days a week, which involves a preliminary diagnostic study conducted by 2 offshore radiologists who then forward their findings along with relevant patient information to an American Board Certified Radiologist (ABR) for final analysis and reporting. This acts a means of reaffirmation for the prior reports, which also forms part of the final assessment results issued by the ABR. After the final report has been compiled, it is sent directly by the US radiologist to the referring physician, who then communicates with patient.

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  • Teleradiology Service for the Busy Radiologist:

     This service attends a patient’s imaging information, which is supplied by a radiologist who might not be available to carry out analysis for the time being, to be transcribed and fully formatted results issued with preliminary and final readings by an experienced or subspecialist Indian radiologist. The service costs as low as $25 per examination.

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  • For the Clinical Radiology Departments, Diagnostic Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, Physicians and the Patients:

      This plan conducts evaluation of radiology images using our team of professionally trained radiologists from around the world. It handles the needs of health establishments from diverse nations, and under this service, preliminary reading can be conducted by health professionals based in India.

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  • Expert Opinion Service/Subspecialty Reads:

     This service handles special cases and seeks to tackle the difficult and often puzzling radiological study in order to give a confirmatory diagnosis. The highly trained radiologists we work with, possess specific training in diverse areas and have been certified in countries such as the U.S., U.K., Ireland, India etc. They have mastery in transcribing specialized radiology readings such as MRI for the Neuro, Body or Musculoskeletal system, screening chest CT examinations, Coronary CT angiography and PET-CT, amongst others. This places our team supreme as we have mastery in areas where a general radiologist may lack the ability to decipher results. For instance, a general radiologist may be unable to read imaging results for a coronary CT angiogram. However, our select specialists who are at the apex of their niches, can surely get this sorted in reasonable time, affording patients and clinics an effective diagnosis.

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  • Night Call Service:

       This service provides a cheaper reporting of imaging study for clients as the patient load is reduced at night. It makes the services of a radiologist available to patients even at night.

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  • Overload Service:

    Under this plan, we handle extra cases of radiological evaluation of results especially from other health care professionals who have too much work at hand, that they may need some to be handled for them.

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  • Weekend Service:

  This is a customized service for patients requiring their radiology images to be studied over the weekend, when their radiologists may be off duty.

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  • Vacation Service:

  This is also a customized service for patients’ requiring their radiology images to be studied when their radiologists may be on vacation.

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Why Choose Teleradiology Services?

   There are innumerable reasons why our services are some of the best in the industry. Some of these are;

  • A 24 hour service, which is available 7 days a week, all year round even on public holidays.
  • A quick turnaround time, which can be in as little as 30 to 60 minutes in cases of emergencies or 6 to 24 hours on a regular basis.
  • World class reports of international standard that has been evaluated by several radiologists, with preliminary reports that are written in detail as finals.
  • Comprehensive final reports that are delivered in a quick turn around and contains a comprehensive evaluation of all expert opinions on it.
  • Personalized services, that are specially crafted to each patients every need and handled through electronic means to ensure seamless delivery and little margin for error.
  • Priority in ensuring clients privacy during information processing.
  • Use of the most technologically advanced resources to ensure the best in service delivery, which allows a real time tracking of all deliveries and customer satisfaction.
  • All round satisfaction from our patients, physicians and the radiologists we have worked with. As there is always room to call our experts to discuss the reports in detail after delivery.
  • There are no hidden costs.
  • Subsidized cost due to outsourcing of imaging study to India, with a completely transcribed report produced at no extra charge.
  • Access to board certified radiologists in their countries of practice, who also possess a vast experience.
  • Ability to conduct elective or sub specialty imaging study. Our team of highly trained radiologists, have specialized training in special niche areas of radiology, which makes them more competent at evaluating radiology readings in areas such as MRI for the Neuro, Body or Musculoskeletal system, screening chest CT examinations, Coronary CT angiography and PET-CT, amongst others, which cannot be conducted by a general radiologist.
  • Assessment and follow-up evaluations on reports to ensure an improved patient care.

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The Reading Process

     Most imaging study employing Teleradiology goes through a preliminary and final reading process

  • The Preliminary Reading Process: This is a prescreening procedure, during which the radiology images are analyzed and a report issued by experts. At this stage, a patient’s medical history is assessed and a detailed report made. This report encompasses all clinical findings, patient’s measurements and findings from the review. This preliminary reading process is usually conducted by 2 professionally trained Indian radiologists who work independently.


  • The Official Final Reading Process: The detailed preliminary reports completed by the Indian radiologists are then forwarded through our specialized PAC system to an American Board Certified Radiologist (ABR), who collates the reports, in addition to conducting his/her own evaluation before issuing an official signed report to the referring physician. 

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Teleradiology Pricing

Plan A:

       This plan involves no contractual obligations. A one-time fee is paid per examination, which is usually $25 and covers both the preliminary and final reports. This plan is suitable for patients seeking expert opinion and those also desiring a direct service delivery.

Plan B:

       This is an annual plan, which is based on a contractual agreement. There is however some variants to it.

(I) In this case, both the preliminary and final reports will be conducted by extensively trained professional Indian radiologists

(II) In this case, the final evaluations are conducted and results issued by radiologists who are board certified and licensed to operate in the clients country of origin, such as the USA, Canada, UK, UAE and Indian subcontinents among other locations. In most cases, the preliminary report will however be conducted by trained Indian radiologists.

       It should be noted that several factors such as the case volume, type of image study to be conducted and the case fluctuations will be taken into account before an abiding contractual agreement is brokered. The first year of the contract will involve infrastructural developments by our team in your organization. After this period elapses, it is automatically renewed after a 90 day wait during which clients have the opportunity to review the initial agreements and make adjustments.

    The options of payment for clients bound under the plan B (1 year initial contract) plan are;

Option 1

Flat Rate: This payment plan is designed for clients who need a low volume of cases attended to. Under this plan;

  • There is no daily service fee required.
  • Fees are charged per examination at flat rates, depending on the image study to be conducted and on what body part.
  • The lowest average daily case presented for evaluation will also be put into consideration.

Option 2

 Economy Rate: The economy rate in terms of our payment plan is the most preferred method by most of our clients. This is because it is cost effective and highly subsidized especially for those needing a large volume of radiology images to be transcribed. Under this plan;

  • A service fee is charged on a daily basis.
  • The cost charged per examination is highly subsidized.
  • The reduced cost per examination is not affected by the volume of cases attended to for the organization.

Please note: For any organization key into the services our reputable Teleradiology services at the Medicalmantra Ltd. They would need to have the following;

  • A responsive broad band internet connection, preferably with high speed.
  • A web based PAC system software, which will be made available by us for free, with installation guide also included.
  • A licensed DICOM work station. Which your organization has to purchase.
  • Staffs that are enlightened, who will be trained over the internet by our personnel for free, to give them the required knowledge on how the process works.

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3D Post-Processing Lab

Despite the increasing complexity in the way in which radiological imaging data are captured, our team of dedicated professionals at are competent and equal to the task as we employ the most technologically advanced work station available in the market. This ability coupled with our reputation in delivering a concise but detailed report that is easily understandable by any physician, places us among the best in the Teleradiology industry. Our network of radiologists are also specialists in handling various 3D Post-Processing Laboratory imaging results such as the;

CT Angiograms: Carotid Angiography, Aorta Angiography, Coronary Angiography, Cerebral Angiography, Renal Angiography, Peripheral Angiography, CT Venogram.

CT Post processing (Reconstruction): 3D volume rendered image, MIPs (Maximum Intensity Projection), Curved reformats, MPRs (Multiplaner Reconstruction), SSDs (Surface shaded display).

MR Angiograms: Renal Angiography, Peripheral Angiography, Circle of Willis, Carotids, MR Venogram.

Special Procedures: CT Bronchoscopy, Calcium Scoring, CT Colonoscopy, Endovascular stent-graft studies.

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Clinical Trials Radiology

    Clinical trials reporting service: Every drug has to undergo a clinical assessment to ascertain its effect on the human system. The period of clinical trials is reasonably reduced when our Teleradiology services at are employed in image studying of any results obtained from the trail, owing to the quick turnaround time in final report delivery.  This is an invaluable asset to research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and other like agencies, where delays in obtaining results during clinical trials can hamper production.

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E-Research (Radiology)

       Our expertise at, which is gotten from working with a diverse number of professionals from around the world will be invaluable in helping your organization build its own e-Research team. We already have contact with top trained personal in your country, therefore helping you set up your own e-Research team will be a highly effective process.

     A typical team consists of a doctor, a transcriptionist who also doubles as a data entry specialist, a statistician and a web designer or an individual with superb technological know-how. This structuring can be tweaked to suit your specific needs. They will work based on your research plan, the time duration and either on part time basis working for a few hours or full time, which will cover 5 business days in a week. In addition, members of the team are required to give a weekly report to the Primary Investigator (PI), who monitors, the progression of the research work.

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Radiology Transcription

The basic aim of any teleradiology service is to evaluate a radiology image, transcribe and report it in a way that is understandable by physicians and to some extent the patients. This is no doubt an intensive process, as a typical medical record issued by the Teleradiology Services will include; results on plain films, contrast studies, angiography reports, MRI reports, CT reports, and ultrasound reports.

      We have solved this issue, by using speech recognition devices, which not only leaves a little margin for error, but also saves time and is efficient in radiology reporting. This endows our team of professionally trained transcriptionists with a 99% accuracy rate, and they are also compliant with HIPPA standards. Furthermore, they receive frequent training in the field of transcription, such as in AAMT, which is imperative considering how the system changes from time to time.

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Disclaimer: All information offered on this page is meant to guide you in making a choice in employing our expert services in teleradiology. It should not however be substituted as a medical advice or used in the management of any medical condition without the approval of a certified physician. In addition, for obtaining a Transcribed & Fully Formatted Teleradiology Reports for as low as US$25 per examination, certain Conditions apply. Which are only available for predetermined high case volumes and long term contract only.

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