Opinion - MRI and CT scan
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Second Opinion Service - Radiology - Clinical Imaging - MRI and CT Scan

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One of our expert (subspecialist) Radiologist will give EXPERT SECOND OPINION on any MRI or CT scan, in layman's terms (if needed). Although the stated turnaround time (TAT) is 7 days, we usually give typed/transcribed final opinion within 24 hours. At least one of our Radiology Managers and at least one of our Radiologists is always online (24 x 7).  

Access to your scan can be given by one of these methods:
1) Teamviewer (FREE - teamviewer.com) access to your MRI/CT study on your computer. We can easily access your scan on your computer or even on your CD / USB / External drive.

2) If MRI scan is already online (in online PACS) or you can upload all DICOM images to an online PACS - give login details (username/password) and the web link. Check out remotepacs.com for free trial online PACS.

3) Upload a zipped file of all DICOM images of your scan to an online drive (for example google drive) and give file sharing details. This is the PREFERRED and the EASIEST method.


Please note that the name of the Radiologist or the Service Provider is not provided with the report. This is to avoid transnational medico-legal issues and to keep the overall costs low.


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