About the Book - Interventional Pain Procedure Templates
 - 1st Edition



⚠ Documentation is an integral part of clinical practice but is often neglected as it is time-consuming. This book will help you get a head start with templates that contain all the basics you need.

♥ The book begins with a section on general considerations. Subsequent sections discuss commonly performed procedures on spine, knee, hip, abdomen & pelvis, chest & shoulder, & head, face & neck. Many techniques & approaches exist for each procedure. Sincere efforts have been made to include all the routinely performed ones. Alternative therapies are included, which make the book comprehensive. The last section provides useful information about consent forms, resuscitation, & emergency care of anaphylaxis.

◆ This book is written to provide a practical guide to write procedure-notes & to serve as a ‘quick revision’ before performing interventional pain procedures.

★ With more than 60 chapters across nine sections & an easy-to-follow presentation, this book is a useful resource for all interventional pain physicians, whether they are just embarking on training or are well established in their career.

Dr Priya Sadawarte MD DNB Interventional Pain Procedure Templates Book Front Cover