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Date : 00.00.00

Name of the Patient : Abc Xyza Kotlmn / F / 50 yrs.
Referred by : Dr. Abc Xyzhah / Dr. Abc Xyzthari.
Examination : M.R.I. of the Left Ankle & Foot.


C/O pain, swelling and burning sensation over both ankle joints, left more than right since 1 year which has increased since 6 months.


M.R.I. of the left ankle and foot was performed using the following parameters :

4 mm thick T1 Weighted and T2 Weighted axial images.

4 mm thick T1 Weighted and STIR coronal images.

4 mm thick T1 Weighted and GRASS sagittal images.


There is seen reduction in the posterior subtalar joint space, laterally. Marginal osteophytes are noted along the lateral and posterior margins of the posterior subtalar joint. Subchondral cysts are also noted in the talus, calcaneum and medial margin of the fibula. The talus and the calcaneum adjacent to the posterior subtalar joint appear hypointense on the T1 Weighted images and hyperintense on the T2 Weighted images. The articular cartilage overlying these bones also seems eroded. There is synovial thickening and a small subtalar joint effusion.

Patchy, ill-defined, hyperintense signal on the T2 Weighted and STIR images is also noted in the calcaneum.

A calcaneal spur is noted.

The soft tissues around the subtalar and the ankle joints are unremarkable.

The visualized ankle mortice is also unremarkable.


Changes along the posterior subtalar joint described above most likely suggests osteoarthritis. The possibility of an infective etiology seems less likely.

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