SoundScope+ – a Smart Digital Stethoscope, a Smart Mobile Ultrasound Probe, & a Smart Mobile X-ray Unit to Revolutionize Remote Medical Diagnosis


SoundScope+ -
Revolutionizing the most commonly used clinical diagnostic devices utilizing AI

“SoundScope” is a dumbbell-shaped probe with a digital stethoscope on one side and an ultrasound probe on the other, and a narrow mid-part for patient/attendant/physician to hold and maneuver. It communicates wirelessly with “SoundScope” mobile app which has pre-trained AI algorithms to diagnose abnormalities from audible heart and respiratory sounds, and ultrasound video. “SoundScope” can diagnose abnormalities of heart, lungs, abdomen, pelvis, joints, vessels, and more. The app gives probe handling instructions and uses mobile camera and microphone to setup a remote teleconsultation session with a physician. It transmits diagnostic data to the physician besides the on-screen display. “SoundScope” can quickly and economically give significantly more diagnostic details than a regular examination by a physician, remotely and in-clinic. It obviates the need for specialists in emergency situations. “SoundScope+” has an additional DSLR camera-shaped x-ray unit communicating wirelessly with the “SoundScope+” app having pre-trained AI algorithms to diagnose various abnormalities from x-rays. “SoundScope+” can be used by allied health professionals being extremely useful during disasters.

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