Clinical Trial Involving 10,000 Chest X-rays that were Successfully Analyzed by AI




The MOU formulates the fundamental cohabitation for the first enormous commercial deployment of Artificial Intelligence learning technology in China.  This was carried out after a successful clinical trial involving over 10,000 chest x-rays that were evaluated by the AI.

Over the last couple of years, the private health check industry which makes use of AI, has emanated in China as a vital healthcare management system, granting access to routine check-ups as well as diagnostic services along with medical data motility in the absence of a general practitioner network. Recent revolution has resulted in the current expansion of private healthcare services in China, with roughly about 300 million people using these private healthcare services. With the growing market demand, analyzing chest x-rays using Artificial Intelligence has grown tremendously with approximately 300 million people making use of this health care technology. It is estimated that the market is expected to grow to an estimated RMB80 billion per year (USD 11 billion). A good number of patients who receive their annual chest x-rays as well as basic check-up services, are at liberty to choose from MRIs, CT studies, genetic testing, and AI.

According to Sally Daub, C.E.O, Enlitic,” Having an in-depth knowledge of the various diagnostic techniques used in analyzing and supporting diagnostic solutions across an emerging network will definitely drive a huge amount of efficiencies in the healthcare delivery. It will also provide ideas on how to ameliorate early detection, disease monitoring and treatment planning. We are so excited at the numerous benefits associated with the use of this large-scale deployment to this millennium age”. 
The use of Artificial Intelligence will enable Paiyipai to leverage insights from millions of clinical problems to issue out world-leading radiological diagnostic services over a wide range of patient network.

“The scale of the Chinese Health Check market lends itself to the deployment of Artificial Intelligence technology, owing to enormous patient volumes and the deficiency of practicing radiologists. Enlitic technology will hence take measures to provide users with enormous competitive advantage whilst changing the economics of the market,” beamed Andrew Harrison, Managing Director of Capitol Health Limited.

In April 2017, Enlitic technology collaborated with Chinese medical data analysis and storage firm Paiyipai to implement its deep-learning technology for diagnostic imaging in China.
Enlitic aims at using this software at private “health centers” according to the memorandum of understanding. The deal was therefore sealed, after a clinical trial involving about ten thousand chest x-rays. These x-rays, where also analyzed by Enlitic’s patient triage platform.

Many thanks to the growth of private healthcare services in China which has led to a significant growth in the use of health-check services.  Over 300 million people currently make use of health-check services which is approximately worth over $11.6 billion annually. A good number of these patients receive annual chest x-rays in addition to fundamental checkup services.

About Enlitic
Enlitic, Inc. ("Enlitic") is a medical company aimed at remodeling diagnostic healthcare services. It numerous outstanding algorithms were formulated from the scratch by distinguished data scientists, machine learning practitioners, and medical experts. These scientists formulated this algorithm by combining medical images, texts, and other data. It aims at accelerating pharmaceutical research; clinical efficiencies ameliorate diagnosis accuracy, speed and patient outcomes as well as increase drug effectiveness. Enlitic is situated in San Francisco, California, United States.

About Paiyipai
Paiyipai formally known as Beijing Hao Yun Dao Information & Technology Co. Ltd, is a technology service company and one of the leading companies in China responsible for the analysis of individuals laboratory medical test results as well as the storage and distribution of user medical records.
Dr. Han Xiaohong, founder and CEO of health check industry, is one of the distinguished shareholders of Paiyipai. Dr Han also founded Beijing Ciming Health Checkup Management Group in 2002 and merged it with health check in a bid to compact the various health ailments of the Chinese. In 2015, they merged group was stated as the largest health-check operator in mainland China, taking care of the various health needs of over 15 million patients yearly.
With the tremendous growth in health technology, Paiyipai was in 2016, awarded the "Zhongguancun High-Tech and National High-Tech Enterprise" award.  Zhongguancun is the first high-tech park situated in China. During the past two decades, it has attracted over 20,000 tech enterprises. These tech enterprises include Lenovo and Baidu.

About Capitol
Capitol Health is one of the leading distinguished providers of diagnostic imaging. Its head office is in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The company owns and runs health care clinics in Victoria and New South Wales. It focuses on delivering a community-based efficient and effective infrastructure for radiologists and medical personnel to offer outstanding, efficient and accurate healthcare services to patients. It also has an investment in diagnostic imaging AI in collaboration with Enlitic, Inc United States and the Enlitic’s Deep Learning Services in radiology China. The company partnered with CITIC Pharmaceutical and Xiamen Zhouxin Medical Image Co. Ltd to provide consulting services to a network of privately owned hospitals.